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They say great minds think alike. Our team members all share the same sentiment: We are all branding aficionados who see design in a 360-degree way. More than just visuals, branding involves extensive research, planning, marketing and content development that will make your venture stand out from the crowd.


Spark Up’s early chapters involve supporting local business take flight, especially on digital platforms. We have witnessed the growing needs of a good, yet reachable, design expertise. Giving plenty births to new brands while refreshing the existing ones gives a different kind of satisfaction for our team.


Yes, we believe that it takes a team to build something extraordinary. Our team consists of passionate individuals with diverse skills, all joining forces to elevate brands and add values through art direction, design, copywriting, photography and more.


Find out more about our services, join us on our journey and hopefully you can take part along the way.



Take a look at our services:

Branding & identity

Shaping, building and creating a visual branding/identity manual for start ups. Delivering re-branding for your existing business. Developing manual guide for marketing content.


Marketing content design

Designing overall identity for your social media handle. Delivering content development, including Instagram post, Instagram story and other promotional design content. Creating a curated yet relatable content.


Marketing content management

Setting up and handling your social media page. Pitching promotion ideas and special launches. Sending gift package for a marketing blast. Each month there are only 6 slots for marketing content management.


Printing & packaging

Creating packaging design and producing it for you. Designing collaterals, brochure, flyer and more.


Digital design & copywriting

Building website from the ground up. Crafting copy for website and other contents.


*On photography & videography

Content materials for marketing content design shall be provided by clients. If needed, a moodboard/visual direction and referrals can be shared with the clients who require separate photography and videography production.


*On product research

It is compulsory to supply us with the actual products to allow us doing deeper research, understanding the unique selling points and developing overall design plan. If the product is still in development stage, we can provide additional services to refine the identity and branding, with clear references and business models provided as initial information.

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