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Spark Up was born in the middle of a pandemic. This makes us stronger from the start, ready to tackle everything coming our way. Every day we are faced with an option to either follow suit or challenge ourselves to expand and be better – and our instinct was to choose the latter.


At Spark Up, design is our main language. It is our way to express ourselves, but more importantly, it is an effective, engaging and empowering way to transform ideas into meaningful identities. Our extensive background in visual and creative services have sharpened our sense of design that truly caters the right target market.

The name “Spark Up” was started from our intention to “spark up” quality products, making them get positive impressions and lasting impacts. All done through design, we emphasize the importance of “form follows function,” in which design thinking should consider the purpose first, and the aesthetic second. This principle of ours will further be seen in our process.

Dedicated for you

At Spark Up, we form a dedicated team to cater your needs from end to end within the determined timeline. You will be able to consult and brainstorm with our experienced team members on your ideas and offerings, in order for us to understand your concept better and translate it into digestible content and design for the target market.


Adding value

Each brand has values and uniqueness, that sometimes are lost or not highlighted enough. At Spark Up, it is our mission to emphasize your brand’s identities and add value through design. That is why we go through the process to ensure a value-added result.



We draw inspirations from art, design and the everyday – which will further be implemented to elevate your branding. For us, art is a remedy and a way to communicate through visuals. Our artistic approach will give your brand a layer of appreciation of details and aesthetic appeal.

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