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Our process:

Enquiry & research

As we are getting to know you and your brand, we will do a thorough research on your brand profile, your current product offerings and current position in the market. Research is essential to fine tune our understanding of your brand, especially on the competitors, markets and products. This way, we will be able to create a unique framework that works for your brand.



After finalizing the core values and determining the overall approach, design process will take place. Here is where we will cater your branding and marketing content needs through visual elements, all tied in meticulously. It is important for us to create design that is approachable, engaging and inviting, while reflecting it through a process that is efficient and open for dialogue. Major revision applies for three times, and for production-related needs there will be mockups.



Our delivery timeline can adjust with yours, especially in this fast-paced age. Once approved, we will deliver an extensive package based on your needs so you can successfully implement the design for your brand.


At the beginning of the delivery, together with you we will set a fixed period and production completion. To kick off, a (virtual) meeting will be held to discuss the scope and working period, to ensure the design result is aligned with your objective. A deposit of 75% will be needed to start your project.


*On social media account details

For social media management project, we are committed to protect your privacy and confidentiality of log in details on behalf of Spark Up.

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